Got some 1 inch square tubing and measured out a simple frame to hold the grill.

Put some adjustable feet on it.

This is the body of the gas grill I threw away. Actually, I also kept the frame and made a cart for my UDS.
 Sitting in the frame

When I pulled to rusted gas burners out of the body it left a large opening in the bottom. I am all for air flow but this is a little to much for me so.

I cut a piece of ¼ “ steel plate to fit on the bottom. This cut down on the amount of air that feeds the coals. I ended up lining the bottom with aluminum foil and this works even better.

Next I built a charcoal basket and put legs on it so it would sit up off the bottom.

Here it is all together

Then I put one of my trays under the body to catch any embers that might fall.

Outside and sitting pretty.

You can see the cart I made for the drum smoker and now all the usable parts of the old rusty gas grill have been used. Thanks for looking

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