I wanted to smoke something different, so I bought a top sirloin roast, some potatoes, onions, onion soup mix, carrots and beef broth and cooked a pot roast for supper.

First I seasoned the roast with my beef rub. You can use whatever spices you like.

Here is the roast seasoned along with the veggies cut up the broth and the soup mix.

I put the meat on the UDS and smoked it for 30 minutes on each side at 225 degrees.

This is how it came off the UDS after 30 minutes on each side

Then I put the roast in a pan and added the beef broth, covered the pan and cooked it for 1 hour.

This is how it looked after an hour in the beef broth

After an hour I added the veggies and soup mix. I covered it and cooked it for an additional 2 hours.

After a total of 4 hours cooking, the roast was done perfectly. It fell apart with a fork and the veggies were cooked soft and had a great juicy taste.

Here is the money shot. I will for sure be fixing this meal again. Thanks for looking.

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