I decided I would like to try a Spam Fattie on account the Brethren website was having a Spam contest. You can check it our at I learned a very valuable lesson doing this fattie. Not all Spam will hold together after cooking.

I am using a can of Spam, a can of refried beans, bacon, mushrooms, garlic, onion, soy sauce, red wine
vinegar, ground cinnamon, and ground cumin.
I browned the onion and garlic in the soy sauce and red wine vingar

I flattened the Spam with a rolling pin

I bagged the oniions and garlic and then decided to add some cold slaw

First I powdered the Spam with the ground cinnamon

Then I added the refried beans

Then came the onions and garlic

Then the cold slaw

I rolled it up and wrapped it in the bacon

Onto the UDS at 250 degrees

Lots of smoke and looking good

Internal temperture 160 degrees, ready to take it off the drum and let it rest.

Fell apart when I moved it. This will not win any contest. However, it didn't taste as bad as it looked.

Might have been the weather

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